Document Restoration

Document Restoration Freeze-drying water damaged documents is cost effective especially when considering manpower to track down and duplicate documents. Many times, there are only originals, and freeze drying is the only way to salvage them so they will be legible and ready for copying.

Our freeze dryers and walk-in freezers are capable of handling major jobs, as we have done in the past, for business, schools, and libraries. Not only can we handle paperwork, but also such items as electronics, photographs, watches, clothing, video tapes, etc.

What to do with water damaged documents

Document Restoration Get all wet materials to a freezer immediately. This stops further deterioration, from mold and mildew. Do not move wet material any more than necessary. If possible, leave damaged material in the original containers, or rebox into manageable sizes.

Cost: $100-125.00 per cubic foot
Pick-up and delivery can be arranged.

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