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Kodiak Predator Baits and Scents- Paste

Kodiak Predator Baits and Scents- Paste Kodiak Predator Baits and Scents- Paste
Kodiak Predator Control Baits & Scents are an all natural, freeze dried product. They come in a wide variety of different scents including a sweet scent for raccoon. They work great in dog proof traps utilizing the coarse powders with either paste or oil for added attraction to the targeted animal. Because it is freeze dried, the scent is greatly magnified and a fantastic scent attractant. The squid scent is extremely popular as a great bait. Because it is so highly concentrated, a very small amount is needed. The product line includes a paste, an oil, and a coarse powder that can all work well together for added attraction. The Paste comes in a handy 2oz. jars. It sticks very well to anything and does not get washed away by rain. The Oil is a think solution with visible particles of freeze dried bait. Its consistency makes it coat whatever it is put on. It works well buy adding it to the freeze dried powders. I does not wash off easily. The Powders are pure freeze dried baits. This process is THEE best way of preservation because it has an indefinite shelf life. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Kodiak paste and oils. Most powders are chunky and only are enhanced when they get wet. "A Little Goes A Very Long Way" Long lasting Great shelf life Various scents available Great for dog-proof traps and live traps Available in 4 oz Oils, 2 oz. Powders, and a 2oz. Paste


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