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Kastaway's Freeze Dried Bait

Kastaway's Freeze Dried Bait Kastaway's Freeze Dried Bait

Freeze-drying transforms bait in many ways. Most obviously, it is dry, but this method of drying actually intensifies the scent and toughens the natural structure. Tests have shown that freeze-drying increases its potency 500 to 1000 times. Freeze-drying is the only way to preserve without the use of chemicals or additives. When you run out of bait when the fishing is good, keep a package of freeze-dried bait on hand so that you do not get caught short again! Submerge bait in water until soft or soak it in Kodiak Oil for a blast of scent! Denser baits may need to be punctured with a hook to allow water to penetrate the bait. When the bait is pliable it is ready to use as if it is fresh or frozen bait! Use Kastaway's plastic injector to add the extra zing of Kodiak Paste or Oil.


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